Server and Steam Migration Complete! Welcome to JesusCon

- Posted in News by -Updated tilesheets with various chimneys, walls, rooves, and other doodads -Replaced Bearable Games accounts and authentication system with Steam Authentication via Encrypted app tickets -Added steam auth to the editor as well -Migrated away from Amazon EC2 server for game server -Put test server on different port and same machine as main server - shared DB, separate maps -Bug fixes with steam Auth -Streamlined/cleaned up steam auth -Renamed MenuScene to ConnectingScene, removed username/password fields -Added 5 second auto-reconnect time on failed connection/disconnection

In addition, the website is now live on its new VPS. There is still a Play Now link that links to a defunct browser based version of the game, but soon I will update that to link to the Steam page.

Also would like to announce the addition of JesusCon to the team! He will be working on a frontend and backend that will support the main game server, delegating such functions as guild management, auction, leaderboards, and more! There will be some overlap between in-game and the website, but many things will only be able to be done from the website. For functions not possible in-game, there will be hyper-links to click that will launch your default browser and automatically navigate to the correct page. Just like the game, the website will handle authorization via Steam, so you will have to be logged in to Steam in your browser to use it. It will prompt you to log in if you are not, similar to OAUTH2 systems -

- Posted in Development Updates by -Fixed bug with the custom emojis -Fixed bug where text with emojis were being line-wrapped according to the length of their emojis' shortcode, and not the size of the emoji -Implemented /god boot command -Fixed transparency on short walls -Implemented Interact key, can use to open doors without mouse. Will be used for more down the road -Expanded Object atts to have Xmod, YMod, and layer. May give them ZMod too down the road -Expanded FX atts to have a "Peel w/ Ceiling" layer, so we can make chimneys -Reduced largest texture size to 4096x4096 -

- Posted in Development Updates by -Fix bug in display of hover-glow over paperdolls -Some refactors to server map class -Consolidate all forms of map changing into 1 DRY function -Consolidate all forms of re-joining map into 1 DRY function -Map instancing -Option for warp att to be a dungeon entrance or exit -Time limit for dungeon (default 1 hour) - set to 36 seconds for testing -Switched from One 8192x8192 texture atlas to 3 4096x4096 texture atlasses. This saves a little memory but more importantly allows support for certain desktop graphics cards. It also paves the way for future Android support. -Added another tileset -Removed many tilesets (wall styles) (the ones with built in shadows were unnecesary and also only supported 1 level -Shrank extra space out of some other sets -Fixed bug with the auto-water not showing correctly. The previous update shrank some unused space from the sheet and threw off some math

Dev Update

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As we near closer to our Steam release, more emphasis is put on the Desktop client and less on the browser. This means more resources available for the Special Effects. This produced a lot of bugs that didn't happen before. They're all squared away now and visual issues are at a minimum, if at all. New Version: List of bug fixes: - fixed rooves not peeling after joining and going directly into a house -Fixed bug where admin's sometimes got stuck logged in -Fixed a bug where a shadow was attempted to be destroyed too many times -Fixed a bug where the blend mode was not being reset after particle effects were being rendered -Fixed a bug where player's weren't seeing each other's lights correctly -Fixed some visual issues regarding the tops of walls above windows and doors -Fixed a bug allowing monsters and players to attack through certain doors

I also implemented two new god commands /god up /god down These help along with the new up-down linking systems and the Stairs attributes. Content builders have to do very little effort now in order to map buildings across multiple levels. The editor can also see their player character rendered in the editor at the same location it is standing on the map. This also facilitates working across levels and helps space out rooms.

Previously it was possible for an account to get stuck. That bug was fix, but it can also never come back because of the new feature, where if you log in from any location while already logged in, control is switched to the new device and the old device is logged off. Down the road, when we have a combat timer, we will carefully take that into consideration. Most likely, the process simply fail if the account is in combat to prevent any cheating.

As always, we continue to work hard to get ready for a launch.

Our Steam Store Page is now Live! →

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I spent a few very long days working with Tommy to try to get the desktop version of the game compiled as a native binary with Graal. In the end, we triumphed and there is a shiny polished Windows version of the game. You can download it from our discord, and as always you can play our browser version at any time. In about 3 weeks, we will be eligible to release the download on Steam under Early Access, which will automatically handle updates.

We continue to work hard to refine the code and build the world.

Cemetary at Night

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Showing off a video of Potato's cemetary at night time with some post-processing I added. I interspered shadow-bodies to make a cool effect on the fence, and played with all the lighting values until it felt just right for a cemetary at night.

So much for Weekly

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So much for weekly updates! Work on the game has been on-going, team members have left and joined up, but the goal remains in sight. The game is 1 major feature short of having everything the original Odyssey did (plus a lot more). In the next month, a major update will come out. It will feature Guilds, NPC Dialogs, Item Repair, and Player Trade dialog. This update will coincide with the completion of the first wave of content. Together they will mark the start of Early Access!

Recent changes include a total revamp of the websockets system, replaced with one with far more security. Additionally, better rendering methods have been applied to make the game's pixel art more universal across any device. There are currently no known bugs and everything is running very smoothly, passing all the tests, and the system is readily accepting new content as Potato and I work hard to finish this milestone.

More soon!

Weekly Dev Update

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  • A little late on this post, but there have been a ton of developments. A major addition, support for summons and pets has been added. Players can have multiple monsters attached to them. The monsters can go anywhere their player can go, and follow them across maps. This update also finally implemented monsters opening locked doors, so your pets have every key you have! This felt right balance-wise as far as convenience features go. It was too much of a pain to keep going back for my pets when they got stuck behind doors (doors only stay open 5 seconds).
  • The pets update necessitated upgrades to the AI and pathfinding system, which is now vastly improved. Monsters have the option to be able to attack while moving or only stationary, with drastically different combat styles. This is the first of many tweaks that will allow robust monster behavior and improved tactical gameplay.
  • The final major piece of this update involves Rooves! Despite the hard work I poured into the new house art, I decided the reason it was so difficult to make a convincing city in Odyssey was the tiny houses. Even with using walls, it was difficult to replicate height and there were no roof tiles worth mentioning (the Alpha ones were hideous). So I found some great ones adapted from the Liberated Pixel Cup set on OGA.
  • Some tiny implementations involved smoother syncing of lights and particle effects, especially when entering a peel-away ceiling area. There was even a fatal bug related to this that was fixed. Across the board I have been implementing the "Fight or Phase" rules, which are simple, and will provide a grief-free experience in a tile based multiplayer environment. (At least with regards to blocking!) The rules are as follows.
  1. If I can attack you, you can attack me, and vice versa.
  2. I can attack your allies and you can attack my allies.
  3. Anything that you cannot attack, you can walk over.

These simple rules guarantee that blocking is IMPOSSIBLE. In areas of no combat, like towns, everyone simple passes over each other.

The upcoming secure trade dialog will ensure that the inevitable clusters of players that form will in no way pose a problem.

That's all for now, see you in a week!

Weekly Dev Update

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Greetings! I am planning on doing a weekly dev update (on weekends) to keep the feeds from getting too crowded and to keep your notifications reasonable. We have been busy this week. We launched a beautiful new website, complete with a Wiki, gallery and link to play the game. We launched the Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and hooked them up to our RSS feeds. We linked our Youtube to our Discord, and our Kanban to our private discord discussions too. I have begun making videos out of the soundtracks and working out any final licensing issues. Some are already posted to our Youtube, and some are on the way.

In terms of the game itself, I have done some small visual tweaks to the way Ability Effects are drawn and defined, and added a new Faux Projectile mode for Abilities. Unlike "Live Projectiles" Faux Projectiles are just animations of projectiles: They are not dodge able. Another difference is they do not collide with walls or anything at all. They progress directly to their target and unload their "warhead" which is the codes internal term for whatever happens when the projectile lands. In the case of an arrow, its just damage. In case of a fireball, its a big showy effect on top of the damage.

My upcoming work is to continue to test the new abilities system and then expand on it. The cooldowns of each individual ability (as well as the global 1 second cooldown) needs to be animated on the Quick Bar, and I need to add an inventory-like screen that houses all Abilities the player possesses. They will then be click & dragged between the Quick Bar and the Ability-Inventory. Only a handful of them will be able to be equipped.

Once that is complete, if I have time, I will be implementing some necessary Affect mods, such as damage mitigation by %, damage enhancement by %, critical hit chance, frozen (can't move or attack), shield block %, weapon hit %, and others. These are all specifically for the first set of abilities for our alpha run. Instead of having classes, we plan to give everybody every skill for the initial play test. Early access testers will have the rare opportunity to access magic and physical skills on the same build.

That's all for this week's report. I would like to thank everyone who has shown their support on social media as we begin to grow our community.

Paladins v Zombies

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Just testing out some of the functionality of RSS and making a video.

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